HermitageHotel Policies 

General provisions


1.    Hermitage Hotel Policies are put into force starting from September 01, 2016.

2.    These Rules were developed on the basis of the Regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1085 dated 09.10.2015 On approval of rules of hotel services provision in the Russian Federation.

3.    HERMITAGE Hotel is registered  in General State Register of Legal Persons as Hotel HERMITAGE LTD.

4.    HERMITAGE Hotel guarantees that it will take all necessary organizational and technical measures to ensure the confidentiality and the security of personal data of its guests, to protect personal data from an unauthorized access, including a random one, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, and other illegal acts in accordance with the requirements of the current law of the Russian Federation.

5.    It is prohibited to smoke in HERMITAGE Hotel. In case of violation of the requirement on smoking prohibition, a guest is to compensate the special room treatment expenses to remove tobacco smell (air filtration, dry cleaning of furniture/textiles/carpet cover). Against the non-smoking obligation, the hotel reserves the right to contact the police to bring the resident to administrative liability for smoking in the wrong place.

6.    On all subjects that are not specified in these Rules Hotel Administration is guided by laws and regulations of the Russian Federation.

7.    You can write your comments and suggestions as to the work of the hotel in the guest questionnaire, which you can find in the information folder in your room, or in the book of comments and suggestions, which you can find at the reception desk on the ground floor.


1.       Booking of rooms in HERMITAGE Hotel is free of charge.

2.       We have 2 types of booking:

         guaranteed reservation means such type of booking when the hotel waits for a guest up to the check-out time of the day following the day of the planned arrival. In case of late cancellation, late arrival or no show of a guest, he/she or the customer will be charged the actual downtime of the room, but no more than one day fee. If a guest is late for more than one day, the guaranteed reservation is cancelled; the guaranteed reservation of the hotel room is charged a 100% advance payment for the first day of stay in the hotel.

         unguaranteed reservation means such type of booking when the hotel waits for a guest up to 18:00 of the day of arrival, after this time the reservation is cancelled. After 18:00 the hotel reserves the right to cancel unguaranteed reservations. Guests arriving after 18:00 are accommodated according to the actual availability of rooms in the hotel at the time of arrival.

3.       HERMITAGE Hotel has the right to refuse booking, if there are no vacant rooms as of the date specified in the request.

Accommodation rules

1.       HERMITAGE Hotel is intended for temporary accommodation of Russian and foreign guests within the period agreed with the administration and duly registered. Time limit of hotel accommodation for foreign guests shall not exceed 30 days and for Russian guests it shall not exceed 90 days.

2.       The hotel is open round the clock.

3.       Check-out time: 12:00. Check-in time: 14:00.

4.       At the end of the agreed accommodation period a guest shall check out. Guests, who wish to extend the accommodation period, shall inform the receptionist of the hotel about this no later than 12 hours before the accommodation period ends. If there are no vacant rooms, the hotel may refuse to extend the accommodation period.

5.       In case of a temporary departure from the hotel, the guest, who failed to pay for the next day of accommodation, loses the right to accommodation and shall be evicted.

6.       Breakfast is served in Hermitage Restaurant from 7:00 to 10:00 in the morning during weekdays, from 8:00 to 11:00 during weekends and holidays. If you want to have your breakfast earlier, please contact the receptionist of the hotel the day before up to 21:00.

7.       In accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation a guest shall reimburse the damage in case of loss or damage of the hotel property, he/she is also responsible for violations caused by persons invited by him/her pursuant to internal documents of the hotel.

8.       HERMITAGE Hotel provides the following services with no additional charge:

         Services of the reception (round the clock);

         Tourist information; Taxi call (round the clock);

         Ambulance call, other special services;

         Use of the first aid kit;

         Wake-up call;

         Delivery of correspondence addressed to the guest to his/her room;

         Hot water, needles, threads, one set of tableware and cutlery;

         WiFi in the territory of the hotel; Daily room cleaning; Bed linen and towels change (everyday).

9.       HERMITAGE Hotel provides the following services for extra charge:

         Clothes laundering and ironing;

         National and international long-distance calls;

         Sale of items for personal use;

         Food&beverage services;

         Rent of the conference hall and presentation equipment;

         Business services;

         Order and delivery of airline and railway tickets;

         Transfer and transport services;

         Order of tours round Rostov-on-Don and Rostov Region;

         Booking of tickets for concerts, performances and other entertainment events;

         Translation and interpreting.

10.   Guests shall:

         follow hotel accommodation rules;

         follow fire safety rules;

         pay fully for the provided services at check-out;

         follow instructions of the hotel staff in case of emergency;

         treat hotel property with due care.

11.   In order to comply with fire safety rules we ask you kindly:

         not to use electric heaters and electric appliances in your room (electric kettles, irons, heaters, extension cords, etc.);

         not to keep flammable and inflammable materials in your room;

         not to smoke in your room, in the elevator;

         not to cover switched-on floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps.

12.   In case of smoke generation, ignition or fire we ask you kindly to call immediately: internal 0101 or 901.

13.   In order to ensure order and security in the hotel it is prohibited:

         to give your room key to third persons;

         to leave third persons in your room in your absence;

         to cause inconveniences and to disturb other guests of the hotel;

         presence of third persons in the room from 8:00 to 23:00 without a duly issued single-use pass, after 23:00 - without a registration of accommodation;

         to keep animals in the hotel without authorization of the administration.

14.   In order to ensure order and security in HERMITAGE Hotel an assistant receptionist is entitled to ask a guest to show his/her guest card at the entrance to the hotel.

Registration of accommodation

1.       The hotel makes the contract with a guest only if he/she shows a duly issued identity document, including: passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation identifying the citizen of the Russian Federation in the territory of the Russian Federation; passport of the citizen of the USSR identifying the citizen of the Russian Federation and valid until its substitution by the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation; certificate of birth for persons under 14 years old (hotel registration of persons under 14 years old is made on the basis of identity documents of accompanying parents (adopters, guardians) or close relatives, accompanying person (persons) and a document certifying authorities of the accompanying person (persons) and on the basis of certificates of birth of these under-age persons); passport identifying the citizen of the Russian Federation outside the Russian Federation for persons constantly residing outside the Russian Federation; passport of the foreign citizen or other documents specified by the federal law or recognized in accordance with the international treaty of the Russian Federation as a document identifying a foreign citizen; document issued by a foreign state and recognized in accordance with the international treaty of the Russian Federation as a document identifying a person without citizenship; temporary residence permit of a person without citizenship; permanent resident card of a person without citizenship.

2.       After the registration the receptionist of the hotel gives the guest a receipt, a registration card, a guest card and an electronic room key. At check-out the guest receives an invoice with a list of the rendered services.

3.       At the request of a guest and with the consent of the receptionist invited persons may stay in the hotel from 8:00 to 23:00. If an invited person stays in the guests room after 23:00, the guest shall inform the administration about it and register this person in his room on the basis of the passport. Invited persons shall follow hotel policies. If they fail to do this, their stay in the hotel can be restricted or interrupted.

4.       On the day of departure the room key shall be given to the receptionist, after a chambermaid checks the room, the guest shall pay for additional services of the hotel. If you inform the hotel receptionist about you check-out time beforehand, we will do our best to make your check-out as quick as possible.

Terms of payment

1.       HERMITAGE Hotel accepts the payment of hotel services in cash and by bank transfers.

2.       Payment for accommodation and services provided by HERMITAGE Hotel is made at the prices approved by Director General of the hotel. Payment for accommodation shall be made in Russian rubles.

3.       Procedure for cash payments:

         in case of cash payments they are made through cash registers;

         cash as a payment for hotel services is given by the guest to the receptionist-cashier;

         the receptionist-cashier counts the money given by the guest as a payment, checks solvency of bank notes and coins of the Bank of Russia, then gives change and a receipt to the guest;

         the guest shall count the change and check if the receipt is correct on the spot. Otherwise, claims shall not be considered.

4.       Payments for hotel services by bank transfers are made by payment orders. Payment for hotel services by payment orders is made by means of transfer of monetary funds to the current account of HERMITAGE Hotel LLC on the basis of invoices issued by HERMITAGE Hotel LLC. The services are considered to be paid upon receipt (crediting) of monetary funds to the current account of HERMITAGE Hotel LLC.

5.       In case of payments by bank cards, we accept chip plastic cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro as a payment instrument. In case of payments by bank cards, a receipt of the electronic terminal (slip) is printed in two originals; one of the originals is given to the guest. The guest receives a receipt for the amount paid.

6.       Accommodation in HERMITAGE Hotel is paid by days.

7.       Payment for hotel accommodation is charged pursuant to the uniform check-out time from 12 pm of the current day according to local time.

8.       If a guest stays in the hotel less than one day (24 hours), he/she shall pay for one day accommodation regardless of the check-out time.

9.       In case of accommodation without booking and if check-in time and check-out time is between  00:00 AM to 12:00 PM (check-in is in the same day of check-out) the payment must be made as  payment for one day.

10.   In case of accommodation without a reservation from 00:00 to 12:00 the payment shall be made as follows:

         from 00:00 to 08:00 payment for half a day;

         from 08:00 to 12:00 payment by hours (breakfast is paid additionally);

11.   In case of accommodation with a guaranteed reservation from 00: 00 to 12:00 the payment shall be made as follows:

         from 00:00 to 04:00 payment for one day;

         from 04:00 to 08:00 payment for half a day (breakfast is paid additionally);

         from 08:00 to 12:00 payment by hours (breakfast is paid additionally).

12.   Extension of accommodation by hours is possible only if there are vacant rooms of the same category. Payment depends on the check-out time and shall be made as follows:

         from 12:00 to 18:00 payment by hours;

         from 18:00 to 24:00 payment for half a day;

         after 24:00 payment for one day.

13.   Breakfast is not included in accommodation.

14.   Accommodation of children: at the age of 010 free of charge, without a separate bed, with parents, breakfast included. No extra beds are provided.

15.   Final settlement with a guest, including for extra services of the hotel, shall be made on the day of the guests departure. The guest receives a receipt and an invoice with the list and prices of services rendered by the hotel.

16.   Payment for extra paid services (laundry, ironing, etc.) shall be made to the receptionist-cashier;

17.   Payment for the caused material damage shall be made to the receptionist-cashier after preparation of the hotel property damage statement. The statement is made in 3 originals. By payment the guest receives a receipt and one original of the statement.


1.       Reservations may be canceled without penalties 24 before the arrival.

In case of cancellation after this time or no show of a guest the hotel reserves the right to receive a payment for one day of accommodation.

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