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We are happy to offer you excursions around Rostov region and get acquainted with historical, archeological and ethnographic past of the Don land, with its peculiar and unique Cossacks culture and original beauty of the Don steppes.

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Meet Rostov-on-Don 

City sightseeing tour around Rostov-on-Don (3 hours)

The city tour acquaints tourists with the history of Rostov and the former Armenian town Nakhichevan-on-Don. They will see the sights of architectural ensembles in Bolshaya Sadovaya Street, visit the Don embankment and the monuments devoted to the Civil and the Great Patriotic Wars.

A Town by the Sea/ A.P. Chekhovs Homeland

Sightseeing /thematic tour around Taganrog
(7 hours)

The excursion route goes through an old town, where a stone staircase, old merchants mansions and a sun-dial have been preserved. Tourists will see the monument to the founder of Taganrog Peter I, Chekhov's house and the Chekhovs' shop. After the excursion they can visit the following museums of the town: the Chekhov's House, the Chekhovs' Shop, the Literary Museum, the Museum of Local Lore, the Museum of Town-Planning and Everyday Life and the Durov Museum.

Novocherkassk the capital of the Don Cossacks

Sightseeing tour around Novocherkassk
(5 hours)

During the excursion around Novocherkassk tourists will learn about the history of the Don land, the Cossacks, will see the main Cossacks Army Cathedral Resurrection Cathedral, the Ataman's Palace, the Triumphal Arch, will visit the Museum of the Don Cossacks History, which is the only one in the world.


Sightseeing tour around Azov
(5 hours)

This is an excursion to one of the oldest towns near the Don. Azov is more than 900 years old. The ramparts, created according to the decree of Peter the Great at the beginning of the 18th century, and the powder magazine have been preserved there. Tourists will see the town sights, will visit museums (the Museum of Local Lore, the Powder Magazine). After the excursion they can rest on the bank of the Azovka River.

The Pearl of the Don

Sightseeing tour around Starocherkassk Stanitsa
(5 hours)

During the walking tour around stanitsa tourists will see the main square Maidan, Cossacks' houses  kurens,  Resurrection Cathedral, ataman's estate, will learn about everyday life, traditions and ceremonies of Cossacks. After the excursion they can visit the following museums: Resurrection Cathedral and the Atamans Palace; rest on a sandy bank of the Don in a poplar grove.

The secret of the Ancient Town

Excursion to Tanais
(5 hours)

This is a coach tour to the archaeological museum the town of Tanais. Tourists will see the remaining parts of the fortress walls and towers, citizens' houses. After visiting the museum they can attend a lesson of handicrafts and have a rest in the territory of the reserve.

At the Crossing of Roads and Fates

Excursion to Aksay
(5 hours)

Tourists will visit the postal station, will see old coaches and will admire the Don panorama. After the excursion they can visit the following museums: the Military Equipment Museum, the Customs Gate Museum and have a rest in the Mukhina gully.

The Don's Magic Casket

Excursion to the left bank of the Don River
(3  hours)

The route of the excursion goes along the left bank of the Don. Tourists will visit a grove and ethnographic places (restaurants): the Cossacks' Khutor and the Peter's Prichal. They will hear many legends, fairy tales and folk epics about Russian heroes, exploits of Slavic warriors and about the Quiet Don-father.

Semikarakorsky Faience

Excursion to Semikarakorsk
(7-8 hours)

Tourists will get acquainted with the history of Semikarakorsk Faience Enterprise Aksinia, they will visit it and watch the process of turning simple white clay into beautiful crockery.

Where Cossacks Live and Quiet Flows the Don

Excursion to Razdorskaya Stanitsa
(8-10 hours)

This is the excursion to the first capital of the Don Cossacks of the 16th-17th centuries Razdorskaya Stanitsa and to Pukhlyakovsky Khutor, which is connected with the life and work of the writer A.V. Kalinin, the author of The Gypsy novel. Tourists will visit the Ethnographic Museum and the tasting room, where they will drink juices and wines made of the Don grapes.

To the Sources of Sholokhov`s Novel Quiet Flows the Don

Trip to Vyoshenskaya Stanitsa(2-3 days)

Vyoshenskaya Stanitsa is one of the most beautiful Cossack stanitsas of the Don. It is known all over the world as the homeland of the Nobel prize-winner M.A. Sholokhov, whose books are translated to the languages of almost all nations of the world and are devoted only to one subject the history of the Don Cossacks. During the excursion tourists will visit the museums to Sholokhov, will admire the bends of the Don, quiet backwaters, boundless steppes and will hear Cossack songs.

* The cost of excursion doesnt include entrance tickets to museums.